Joinery Fit out / Project management.
At HBCF we understand that there are many facets of our business that will result in a successful project for the project team and the end user / client.
From the first meeting we have with designers, architects and clients we endeavour to understand the perception of design intent, detailing, procurement of obscure materials and an overall feel for what they are endeavouring to achieve in the project. 
We then set about detailing shop drawings with the knowledge of design intent, knowing that even though to manufacture some items will require changes to the way it is designed and manufactured, the look, design and feel of the item will remain in the finished item.
HBCF understands our role is to manufacture and make happen designers and architects dreams and designs. It is our role to make the impossible work with minimal fuss to all concerned. We are not the artists but the brush that applies the paint.
HBCF is proud of what it has to offer clients, head contractors and Design teams.
    •    Commercial estimating team.
    •    Design / Construction management, ( CAD drafting )
    •    Modern manufacturing plant with highly skilled tradespersons and apprentices.
    •    Project Management team.
    •    Highly skilled installation team.
    •    Modern delivery equipment and skilled personal.
    •    High quality polishing service by skilled furniture polishing tradespersons.
    •    Any type of Steel, sheet metal, stainless, copper, zincalume or any other obscure    metal finishes .
    •    Solid surface material manufacturing.
    •    Stone masonry.
    •    Powder coating.
    •    Upholstery work .
    •    Rigging and rope work.
Please keep us in mind for your next commercial project.

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